Curriculum Vitae / Test results

Personal test results:


 Index (PI)

 High A:

 High D:

 Independent, creative and self-confident.

 Organized, precise and self-disciplined.


 Belbin Team


 Monitor Evaluator:


 Disciplined, reliable, takes action.

 Serious minded and strategic.

 Self-starting, provision of rare skills.

 DISC Profile

 High D:

 High C:

 Goal oriented, active in dealing with
problems and challenges, get results,
 impatient, quick, take action.

 Adhere to rules, regulations and
 structure, analytical, 
accurate, reliable,
 quality conscious, systematic,
 plan ahead.


Key skills:

  • Extensive experience in project management nationally and internationally.
  • Quality control—strong technical product knowledge.
  • Offshore experience.
  • Inspection of goods at subcontractors site.
  • First Aid, Safety awareness.
  • Possess excellent decision making and time management skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks.
  • Adaptable, self-motivating, persistant and a great team player as well.
  • Experienced in Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
  • Business Coaching.
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